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In 1996 Trung Nguyen was a small business processing coffee in Ban Me Thuoc city. At that time, Vietnam had risen once again to be one of the leading coffee producers in the world, but almost solely producing "green" coffee (unroasted beans) that were sold on the commodity market. This resulted in no control over the final coffee quality or prices.

The Highland region of Vietnam is one of the world's "top 10" best environments, combining the right altitudes, soils, natural drying conditions, and temperatures for producing the finest of gourmet coffees. Yet the region was not controlling its own destiny to produce these once sought-after coffees.

The owners of Trung Nguyen saw that the future for producing gourmet coffee and being reasonably independent of the world commodity markets was to once again follow the best possible growing and processing techniques to produce a world-class coffee, and carry it through all the way to the packaged product.

After the revival of this exotic coffee, the company developed the first Vietnamese franchise of coffee houses and expanded throughout Vietnam and then a number of other countries. Now the most established, respected and successful producer of branded coffee in Vietnam, Trung Nguyen seeks to bring its unique blends to the United States. The West Coast has limited selections of TN coffees available in Asian grocery stores, but most of the US has no source of TN coffees... until now. We are proud to be the first and only authorized Internet shopping source of TN coffee in the US.

Trung Nguyen has won numerous prizes and titles for the entrepreneurial achievement of the company, its enlightened business practices, and the excellence of its products.

Trung Nguyen coffee growers have been certified by EUREPGAP and Utz Kapeh for "safe and sustainable" coffee growing practice. Trung Nguyen coffees are grown on smaller farms and using traditional sun-drying methods and natural processing. Their cultivation supports thriving villages where growers work under contract futures with guaranteed pricing for their products.

When you purchase Trung Nguyen coffees, you help preserve heirloom species of coffee and the biodiversity they provide. This protects against the dangerous popularly-held opinion that any one coffee species should be grown in monoculture around the world. Not only does this 100% Arabica movement deny the wide and delicious range of flavors of other coffee varieties, it creates a potential ecological disaster. Advocates of "1-coffee only" ignore the terrible consequences of past wordlwide Arabica blights that have threatened to change the nature of the coffee plant forever.

Trung Nguyen coffees using Arabica, Robusta, Chari (Excelsa), Catimor, Liberica and other diverse varieties preserve the unique flavors and robust nature of the coffee plant and help to create bean blends that are unique and simply broader and better in flavor than any single-source coffee can be. It's good for the future of coffee and its growers; it's delicious in your cup. Enjoy!

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