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Why G7 Is The Best Instant Coffee

g7, the best instant coffee we've found, comes in several sizes Free Sample Available!

Asian coffee drinkers know that the best instant coffee is incredibly delicious.
In America, we tend to think that only brewed coffee is really good, and that instant coffee is only for when we just don't have the time for "real" coffee. But in other parts of the world, where different environments and economies have created a different attitude, the demand for instant coffee has resulted in an intensely competitive market, with very discerning customers. Asian coffee drinkers demand the best instant coffee - you deserve to try the best instant coffee, too!

G7 was created by Trung Nguyen, Vietnam's top coffee company, to capture the essence of their coffee with a state-of-the-art facility using groundbreaking technology: They extracted the coffee powder directly from the coffee beans. Compared to conventional freeze-dried coffee crystals, this created a far richer and fuller flavor, with authentic coffee aroma. G7 has been the top instant coffee in Vietnam, Japan and many other Asian nations ever since.

We tried literally dozens of varieties of instant coffee, and G7 remains our favorite. Starbucks Via is the closest American instant coffee product to G7, because they adopted the same straight-from-the-bean process, but we still believe G7 has the best flavor and, frankly, Via is overpriced.

We bring the best instant coffee from Asia to the USA

We believe all coffee drinkers deserve the best, no matter their preference for instant. So we didn't stop at searching out the world's best coffee for brewing - we wanted to bring America the world's best instant coffee, too!

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What the best instant coffee in the world can do for YOU:

Important note about serving sizes:

G7 brewed into a cup of the best instant coffee

It's important to use the right amount of water. For the best instant coffee experience, you'll want to use 6 ounces of water per G7 packet, or 7 ounces per Brio packet (both coffee and chocolate). The package lists water volume in milleliters, but we advise you to ignore their recommendations and go by ounces.

Note that most coffee cups hold at least 8 ounces, usually more like 10. To fill a large mug, we recommend using two packets. If you try using too much water, you will likely be disappointed. Think of it this way: You can always add more water if it's too strong, but you can't take water out once you've put it in!

We personally taste test every batch of coffee we import. If you are still not convinced, why not try a free sample? We're sure that, once you try it, you'll agree that ours is the best instant coffee you've ever tried.

Ingredients, Nutrition, and Allergy Information:

G7 3-in-1 and G7 Cappuccino contain NO ingredients from China. The formula has changed in our last shipment and it now contains a small amount of milk casein and, in the Cappuccino formula, about 2% skim milk. If you have a severe milk allergy or are allergic to coconut or palm oil, we recommend trying the G7 Pure Black.

Nutrition facts per 16 gram packet for G7 Original Instant Coffee:

Click for more detailed nutrition information for G7 Original, photographed directly from the package.

Click for a detailed ingredient list for G7 Original, photographed directly from the package.

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