Welcome to Trung Nguyen Online!

Important update about this website:

When we first started this business, we sold only Trung Nguyen products, so we wanted the name of this website to contain the brand name "Trung Nguyen". The Trung Nguyen corporation gave us permission to use the name--but only if we promised to sell exclusively Trung Nguyen products here. That was okay because, back then, we didn't have any other products to sell.

But our company quickly grew beyond selling only one brand. We launched a new website, Len's Coffee, that would offer our full range of products. Both Trung Nguyen and a wide variety of other delicious coffees and teas. For almost a decade, we operated both online stores, because a lot of customers still used Trung Nguyen Online.

The time has come, though, for Trung Nguyen Online to retire. Going forward, this website will not sell any coffee directly. Instead, we have links on every page that will take you to the corresponding page on Len's Coffee. You can buy all your favorite Trung Nguyen and G7 products there.

Thank you for understanding! We hope you enjoy the wider variety and smoother, more modern shopping and checkout Len's Coffee has to offer.

Trung Nguyen coffees are one of the most sought-after pleasures by tourists when visiting Vietnam. These rich, multi-species, heirloom coffees are deep-roasted but never burnt, giving you a uniquely delicious coffee experience. Now you can find this world-famous, gourmet Vietnamese coffee right here in the USA.

Vietnamese coffee is traditionally packaged as ground coffee to be brewed in the regionally popular Phin filter (as served in Southeast Asian coffee shops and restaurants) or French Press, but will brew well in drip machines.

Favorite Coffees

A few customer favorites, most likely to be familiar to a traveler to Vietnam.

Creative 1 - 5 Buon Me Thuot Special Legendee Gourmet Blend Premium Blend G7 Instant
Creative One Culi Robusta Passiona naturally low-caffeine coffee Legendee coffee Gourmet Blend Premium Blend G7 gourmet instant coffee
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